Trafotek CASTRONG Transformers – Maximizing Performance, Minimizing Space

Trafotek will launch new CASTRONG product line at SMM trade fair in Hamburg, 6-9 September 2016.

Trafotek is well known in the industry for its compact transformer designs and now company has managed to develop an even more compact product, without compromising on quality, reliability and durability.

“Our goal was to develop a dry-type transformer for marine duty applications, which is the lightest and most compact solution in the market. Target was to develop a construction, which is lean and flexible, yet utmost strong and durable to withstand high level of vibrations and shocks. We are extremely proud of the final outcome,” says Zaki Chaabouni, Sales Director of Trafotek Power Transformers.

Focus on size, strength, speed and ease of installation

Compared to Trafotek’s previous transformer designs, the physical size of the CASTRONG design is about 20 percent smaller.

Additonally, the new product with cross-bolted and special painted magnetic core, mechanically sturdy winding construction and robust connection structure has been verified to perform in the most severe environmental conditions. The Report of Performance issued by KEMA prove that Trafotek CASTRONG transformers (both with Cu and Al conduction) comply with environmental class E2, climatic class C2 and fire class F1.

Particular attention in R&D is given to ease of installation on-site. For example all main connections are brought in one location, housing is fully dismountable and normally there is just one compact auxiliary connection box.

“Due to modularity and flexibility in design combined with our competence in 2D/3D FEM simulations, we have also managed to cut both our design and production lead time by one-third”, Mr. Chaabouni emphasize.

Trafotek CASTRONG – when size, weight and durability are crucial.

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